Chemical Waste Drainage Systems

Unrivaled in protecting sewer systems and the environment, Orion chemical waste drainage piping systems convey corrosive effluent to pH neutralization tanks. Orion pH monitoring systems then ensure neutralization tank contents reach an acceptable pH level before entering public drainage systems.

Stricter governmental regulations and an increased awareness of our environment have created a whole new corporate attitude towards acid waste effluent handling.

Orion has established itself as a leader in providing industry with safe, innovative, and economical piping, neutralization, and monitoring systems that help check effluent before it reaches city drainage lines.


When you need it to perform as a system make sure it’s engineered as a system.

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Product Categories

Chemical Waste Fittings

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Chemical Waste Floor Drains & Cleanouts

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Chemical Waste Piping

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Neutralization Tanks

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Systems Monitoring

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Neutralization Tanks

Orion polypropylene and polyethylene neutralization tanks are designed to receive, dilute and neutralize corrosive and harmful chemical wastes before allowing such materials to be discharged into the public sewers or the environment.

Orion tanks are seamless with uniform wall thickness and are free of stresses. The inlet, outlet and vent connections are welded into the tank wall at specified locations at no extra charge. Tanks are complete with cover (bolted cover styles) or in welded cover styles with manhole.

  • Lightweight
  • Wide Size Range
  • Custom Sizes
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Maximum Versatility
  • Special Custom Connections Available
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Models Available

Monitoring/Dosing Systems

Orion monitoring systems are used to protect sewer systems and the environment.

  • Monitors/records pH data; signals dosing pumps
  • Allow local and remote (via a LAN) data retrieval
  • Can be connected to building maintenance systems

Two Fitting Styles, Three Jointing Methods

We provide three joining methods — No-Hub, Electrofusion, and Socket Fusion — for use with three types of chemically resistant pipe. All three types are easy to install.

No Hub and Plain End Acid Waste Jointing System

The No-Hub acid waste mechanical joint drainage system is economical and easy to install.

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Rionfuse CF™ (Clamp-Free) Electrofusion System

The Rionfuse® CF clamp-free electrofusion joining system provides unsurpassed ease of installation and joint strength for acid waste drainage piping. Its electrofusion coil is made of heavy gauge wire molded into the coupling.

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Socket Fusion System for Acid Waste Drainage

Socket fusion type pipe and fittings for use with acid waste are joined by heat fusing the polypropylene or polyvinylidene fluoride material with an Orion thermostatically controlled heat tool. In a semi-molten state, pipe, and fittings are easily joined to form a strong, permanent sealed joint.

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