Better than Ever

We combine theory with practice to design and manufacture top quality, high performance backflow prevention assemblies and flow control products. And we’re here to not only set the industry standards, but to deliver quality, performance, and affordability you demand in backflow prevention. Let’s keep things safe.

Your Partner in Water Safety:

  • Time-tested reliability and quality
  • Unmatched flow performance
  • Designed for ease of maintenance
  • Complete solutions for irrigation flow control
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Stainless steel components for harsh conditions
  • Third-party agency approved valve designs

Product Categories

Product Image - LF856

Double Check Detector Assemblies

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Product Image - 850 Small, LF850 Small

Double Check Valve Assemblies

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Product Image - LF860 Large

Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies

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Product Image - LF886V-OSY-GPM

Reduced Pressure Detector Assemblies

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767FR Product Image

Vacuum Breakers

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601-M Product Image

Backflow Preventer Accessories

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Product Image - LF650A


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Product Image - 800, LF800

Check Valves

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FPHB-1 Product Image

Wall Hydrants

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Product Image - 622UFT

Ball Valves

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Product Image - LFFRK 860-VT 2 1/2-8

Repair Kits

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The most versatile line of backflow prevention assemblies on the market. Featuring an 80% shorter lay length, the lowest head loss, and cost saving benefits.

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Product Image - 765 Repair Kit

Beware of Unapproved Repair Parts

The approved bonnet and poppet as manufactured by FEBCO may be visually identified by the light gold transparent color of the parts.

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