Your most basic home needs, like gas heat, kitchen range, dryer, hot water, and even standby generator power, rely on a tested, durable connection—and the safety of your home and family depend on the quality of the connectors you choose. That's why we make every gas connector as if we were going to install it in our own homes.

Time-tested and true, we are more than just a leader in safe gas connectivity for the home—we practically invented it! We were selling the first stainless steel gas appliance connectors before our competitor’s brands even existed. We’ve been the industry-leading manufacturer of the broadest line of high-quality, safe, and long lasting stainless steel gas connectors for decades, and will continue to be an innovative, reliable source for residential gas solutions for decades to come.

Our family of gas connectors consists of:

  • SafetyShield® Coated Stainless Steel Gas Connectors
  • Supr-Safe® Stainless Steel Gas Connectors
  • ULTRA Flow® High BTU Stainless Steel Gas Connectors
  • LV® Low Visibility Stainless Steel Gas Hearth Connectors
  • 15 PSIG LP Stainless Steel Gas Connectors
  • Texas Pattern Hose Assemblies
  • Fittings, Valves, and Regulators

Dormont is an ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturer. Our connectors are made in the USA, with a commitment to the highest quality.


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Gas Connectors

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Gas Fittings and Adapters

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Gas Shutoff Valves

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