New Diagnostics Tool for Global Burger Chain


International fast-food chain


Calgary, Alberta 

What the Client Needed

When a global burger chain was forced to close early because their new gas griddle failed, managers were panicked. The griddle lost its flame and couldn’t be reignited. But after troubleshooting, the building gas pressure seemed to check out fine. The gas utility and service technicians from LDI Technical Services, Ltd. were completely stumped. Until they could diagnose the source of the problem, the restaurant wouldn't be able to reopen its doors.


To combat this mysterious challenge, the technicians tried the Dormont FloPro™MD, a hand-held diagnostic tool that helps to perform gas equipment start-ups, commissioning, and maintenance with accuracy. The device quickly diagnoses gas pressure and flow for gas-burning appliances while logging data via Bluetooth connectivity.With no need to install any software, the FloPro-MD provided gas pressure within and outside the gas appliance, flow to the burners, and the gas pressure’s average, maximum, and minimum. And since the tool was also connected to the gas line in question, it provided real-time information about capacity (BTUs) based on pressure and flow. While connected to the griddle, it continuously monitored gas pressure to provide longer-term readings that would help identify the inconsistencies that previously eluded them. After 4 hours, data revealed that outside pressures were fluctuating erratically. The griddle itself was functioning properly when it had sufficient gas pressure.The FloPro-MD generates easy-to-read data that can be uploaded to your smart phone via Bluetooth and used to generate reports. By emailing those reports to the gas utility, technicians were able to substantiate their claim and validate the griddle’s performance.

Results (ROI)

LDI Technical Services now owns several FloPro-MDs. So whenever a tech goes out to commission, service or troubleshoot gas appliances, one is ready for use.

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Bob Rogers
Service Manager
LDI Technical Services, Ltd.
It’s become one of my favorite tools. FloPro-MD connects quickly and is easy to use. With it, we can ‘be live’ readily with real-time data.