The Intelligent Scale Solution

OneFlow® provides an environmentally-friendly solution for preventing scale build-up. Through Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC), minerals are brought together to form microscopic crystals that can flow through the system without attaching to fixtures, pipes and appliance components. A study by the WaterReuse Research Foundation revealed TAC to be the most effective salt-free scale prevention technology.

OneFlow® systems:

  • Prevent mineral build-up inside pipes, fixtures and appliances
  • Do not require salt, chemicals, or electricity
  • Have no regeneration cycle to flush water down the drain
  • Are available for residential and commercial systems

OneFlow® Anti Scale System

Using a specially designed media, scale forming molecules are transformed into harmless crystals that won't stick to pipes and components, eliminating scale for good.

Introducing the OneFlow+

Discover the benefits of salt free scale prevention.

Installing your OneFlow+

Just how quick and easy can a OneFlow+ installation be? See for yourself.


OneFlow® offers salt-free, environmentally friendly residential and commercial anti-scale systems.

Residential Systems



Prevent scale while improving the taste of water.



In addition to scale prevention, the E-Treat Water Conditioning System contains coconut shell-activated carbon that improves water taste and reduces odors, chlorine, and organic substances.


Whole House Anti-Scale Systems

These systems are installed at the point-of-entry to treat both the hot and cold water.


Tankless Water Heater Anti-Scale System

Easy-to-install, this unit is designed to extend the lifespan of water heaters.

Commercial Systems


Point-of-Use OneFlow Anti-Scale System - Cold Water

Cartridge-based system designed to be installed on the water line supply to devices such as water heaters or hot-beverage appliances that require scale prevention.


Dual Cartridge Point-of-Use OneFlow Anti-Scale System

This dual cartridge system is perfect for food service applications.


OneFlow Anti-Scale System for Water Heaters

Install on the supply line to storage type or tankless water heaters to reduce formation of scale on the heating elements.


OneFlow Anti-Scale Systems (10 to 75 GPM)

Flexible option for point-of-entry or point-of-use installation.


OneFlow Anti-Scale Systems - Hot Water

Tank based systems designed for installation on supply lines prior to dishwashers, booster heaters, steam generators or autoclaves.


How does OneFlow® TAC work?

OneFlow® media granules provide nucleation sites that cause dissolved calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate to combine into microscopic crystals. Once formed, these crystals detach from the media, and flow freely through the system.

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Jill Kidd
Pueblo City School Director Food Services

Since we’ve installed the OneFlow systems, scale buildup hasn’t been an issue.

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