Dead Level®


Simple. Straight. Stable.

The Dead Level® Trench Drain is uniquely designed to install and perform like no other trench drain system. Its pre-sloped, original design, innovative features, and durable construction combine to create a drain that delivers efficient installations with straight, level runs and stable, long-term, warranted performance.

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  • Saves time and costs with simple, fast installations
  • Straight, level runs
  • Stable, long-term, warranted performance


Dead Level® BK

Pre-Sloped Polypropylene Trench Drain System with Ductile Iron Frame & Brickslot Grate

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Dead Level® P

Pre-Sloped Polypropylene Trench Drain System with Polypropylene Frame

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Dead Level® D

Pre-Sloped Polypropylene Trench Drain System with Ductile Iron Frame

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Dead Level® S

Deck Channel for Cast in Place Slabs

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The Dead Level® Design

A. Chemical resistant UV stabilized injection molded polypropylene channels with radiused bottom and .7% standard slope

B. Ductile iron frames for heavy traffic

B. Durable polypropylene frames for light & moderate traffic

C. Ductile iron, galvanized, stainless steel, and polypropylene gratings to meet DIN 19580 Load Classifications A throu

D. Rebar attaches to the solid structural frame, cutting installation labor by more than 50% vs. other trench drain systems, and greatly reducing the risk of channel floa

Be the Hero of Your Next Project

  • Superior materials
  • Stability & structural strength
  • Frame anchored design
  • Solid connections
  • Short & Corner/Tee sections
  • Maximum flow
  • Grating for diverse commercial applications
  • Standard molded construction covers

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