LavEx™ Floor Mounted Extended Lavatory Carrier

close up of lavex arms installation.

Save Time Installing 2 or More Sinks

Experience unparalleled ease of install for areas that require two or more sinks with the Watts LavEx™ Floor Mounted Extended Lavatory Carrier. Featuring concealed arms for full support without aesthetic degradation, the LavEx™ provides structural support for commercial applications such as off-the-floor lavatories, service sinks, and more. Save significant time on installations with prefabricated, ready-to-install multiple mounted restroom sinks available in two sink (-2), three sink (-3), or four sink (-4) lengths.


  • Unparalleled ease of installation
  • Install multiple sinks at once
  • Available in 2, 3, and 4-sink units
  • Front-mounting design
  • Concealed arms for support

Faster More Streamlined Installations

Save big on labor, time, and money by installing multiple sinks at once. Mix and match the number of LavEx units to meet the number of sinks at the jobsite.

Front-mounting Design

The LavEx Floor Mounted Extended Lavatory Carrier features a front-mounting design to ensure easy fabrication shop gang mounting.

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40 Years in Big Wonderful Wyoming

One of the most recent solutions Basin has implemented comes from the use of Watts LavEx lavatory carriers. Schools in particular generally feature large restrooms with multiple sinks. It takes quite a bit of time to individually hang each lavatory and ensure each sink is at an identical height.

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